In 2008, ConserFest was already building momentum around environmental conservation through land acquisition on Block Island. The first campaign was to raise funds and awareness to support our local parent organization, Block Island Conservancy, in its ambitious campaign to acquire the historic Mitchell Farm.

“All of this was achieved within one year of starting the campaign. This is a remarkable feat!

One of the Island’s most cherished vistas, over 1,000 feet of road frontage with open field landscape running north and south is now protected and will remain uninterrupted and intact. Those 1,000 feet are as important to Block Island’s sense of community as is the overlook at Rodman’s Hollow.” (

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great salt pond

ConserFest continued its exclusive support for BIC over the course of the next three years in their efforts to prevent a major dock expansion from going into the Great Salt Pond.  The expansion posed a seriously destructive threat to the fragile ecosystem of the pond, especially the pond floor. Through extensive court processes and countless town hall meetings and local efforts, the expansion was eventually thwarted.

Solviken Campaign

“The Solviken property involves two lots totaling an acre of land between Harbor Pond and the inset of Crescent Beach. Environmentally it is an extremely vulnerable location. A third half-acre in the parcel has been acquired by the owner of the adjacent land for limited development. Block Island Conservancy partnered with the Block Island Land Trust in order to acquire the property.

The property was the home to the Solviken Restaurant in the 1950’s and early 1960’s and many years prior the building housed the Negus family and their blacksmith shop. The building has been unused for many years and has deteriorated to the point it cannot be saved.”

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Contribute to BIC's ongoing efforts to maintain and sustain the growing open space trail system that winds its way throughout the breathtaking natural landscape of Block Island.


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