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Block Island Rolls Up Their Sleeves to Deal with Waste

A quest to reduce the island’s waste

by Lars Trodson

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“The back of Jamie Johnston’s McPick truck is filled with bulging trash bags, taken from 34 vacation homes from around the island. This is the trash that has been left behind by the renters. Johnston’s business is to pick up the trash and take it to the transfer station.

During the past few years, Johnston has been noticing what he considered to be an upsetting  trend: bags filled with perfectly good, unused, untouched food that was simply going to be tossed out, along with leftover food scraps that could be used as composting material. On top of that, there was also in the trash bags material that simply could be recycled.

But because all these materials were mixed inside the bags, it has traditionally all just been taken to the transfer station and thrown out.

Johnston’s conscience nagged him to the point where…”

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Hello ConserFesters!

From all of us on the ConserFest Team, we wish you a safe, happy and healthy holidays this season and look forward to coming back together to celebrate our 12th “Music on a Mission” Festival this summer on Block Island. In the meantime, visit our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram to stay in touch and in the loop.

Embrace Your Place!

The ConserFest Team

CF 2018: Another Fantastic Festival with A Fantastic New Venue

Thanks to all for making the 2018 festival the best yet!

We had record attendance, another line-up of truly exceptional artists, a flurry of committed volunteers, and a new venue location to tie it all together. We are grateful for Ross Draper and Draper Family for hosting us at the Narragansett Inn - what a stunning location! The Rowan Brothers really brought the great vibes all the way from California and our supporting acts and ConserFest Family - CHACHI & THE INTERNATIONAL PLAYERS, THE NAYA ROCKERS FEAT. AKIRA (FROM PRESSURE COOKER), THE Z BOYS, CIARA MCALLISTER, JAMES & THE GIANTS, ROOT STEADY, TRAVIS GREENLEE & HOMESLICE, JULIE RHODES BAND, CHRISTINA HOLMES, MAC BROWN, and the BLOCK ISLAND SCHOOL SINGERS - kicked out the jams making CF 2018 an event to remember.

For over a decade now, ConserFest has been truly blessed to have countless musicians, local businesses and partners, and volunteers dedicate their time and resources and come together under one cause, “Music on a Mission,” and to spread the foundational message of ConserFest to the masses - “Embrace Your Place.”

To learn more about CF’s current campaigns that all funds raised at our events goes to supporting, visit here. To make a direct donation to our 501(c)3, please click here or visit our homepage. To learn more about Block Island, “One of the last great places,” please visit our about page.

Thank you for your support, ConserFesters. We hope to see you all and so many more this coming summer for CF 2019. Please stay connected with us on facebook and instagram.

Embrace Your Place>>>

~The ConserFest Team


The Roosa Fund Grant

We are thrilled to announce that ConserFest has been awarded a grant from The Roosa Fund to support the Scholarship Program! The mission of the Roosa Fund is to respond to the needs of its home community, Block Island, Rhode Island, by providing assistance to vulnerable people in our midst – including the poor, the young, and the elderly; and by improving Block Island’s vulnerable natural environment. Their award to ConserFest will protect our ability to offer the Scholarship to exceptional Block Island School students persuing environmental education in the future. Thank you to The Roosa Fund for their generous support! 

TriTeam GoFundMe 2017

Please donate through this fundraiser in order to support the ConserFest triathlon team which will compete in the Summer 2017 Block Island Triathlon to spread awareness of the organization and its cause. With your support, we can further ConserFest's objective of sensible treatment of the land through both our team's performance and the selling of merchandise during the race.

If you would like to join the team, please post the hashtag #CFTRITEAM in the GoFundMe's comments section.  Alternatively, if you would like to sponsor/support a ConserFest Tri-Team member, please post their name in the comments section along with your donation.


Kickstarter (Series A) 2015

WE DID IT! The entire ConserFest Team would like to extend its absolute gratitude for all of the love and support and motivation through this entire Kickstarter campaign. We could not have done it without you! This little victory is a very symbolic one for us and it will truly help to drive us forward and continue to build momentum around our mission to protect amazing natural places, like Block Island, Rhode Island. Please continue to spread the word about ConserFest and make it a personal mission to #embraceyourplace wherever you are. 


ConserFest Awarded BayBerry Wreath Award 2013

Presentation of The 2013 Bayberry Wreath Award was the highlight of the Conservancy Day reception at Smuggler’s Cove on Saturday, June 1. The award was presented by the publishers of The Block Island Times, Betty and Fraser Lang, to ConserFest, a group that has combined a passion for music with a mission of conservation.


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